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Wyoming Basin shrub steppe (WWF ecoregion NA1313) View National Geographic WildWorld profile,(WildWorld home), View  WWF Wildfinder animal species list (WildFinder home)

Shrub steppe near Laramie, Wyoming
Shrub steppe near Laramie, Wyoming
(c) 2005 Daniel P. Duran

Wyoming Basin shrub steppe map
Source of bioregions data: Olson, D. M. and E. Dinerstein. The Global 200: Priority ecoregions for global conservation. (PDF file) Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 89:125-126.

Distinctiveness (1=highest,4=lowest): 4 (nationally important)
This region contains some of the remnant prairie dog ecosystems which support predators including the endangered black-footed ferrets.*

Conservation Status (1=most endangered, 5=most intact): 3 (vulnerable)
Because of the aridity of the region which prevents cultivation, and the remoteness from human population centers, many areas have remained relatively intact.  Conversion from sagebrush habitat to reasslands for domestic grazing has degraded some areas severely.  Few areas are protected, and overgrazing, fire suppression, invasion by exotic grasses are threats.*

Characteristic species*
Agropyron (wheatgrass) species
Fescuta (fescue) species
Artemisia (sagebrush) species

Associated habitats

shrub steppe, near Laramie, Wyoming

shrub steppe, near Laramie, Wyoming shrub steppe, near Laramie, Wyoming shrub steppe, near Laramie, Wyoming
 (c) 2005 Daniel P. Duran   hires   hires   hires


* Ricketts, T.H., E. Dinerstein, D.M. Olson, C.J. Loucks, et al.  (1999) Terrestrial Ecoregions of North America: A Conservation Assessment.  World Wildlife Fund - United States and Canada.  Island Press, Washington, D.C. pp. 330-332.

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