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All images and graphics files (the "Images") on the Bioimages web site are copyrighted and are made available for noncommercial, educational and personal use only, or for fair use as defined in the United States copyright laws ("Permitted Use"). Copying, modification or redistribution of the Images in any manner for commercial use or for personal gain (including, but not limited to, web sites of a for-profit corporation, commercial text books, commercial broadcast or commercial news web sites) is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the copyright owner(s). Permission for commercial use is granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the copyright owner. By downloading, printing or otherwise using the Images from this web page, users agree that they will limit their use of the Images to such Permitted Uses and will not violate the copyright owner's or any other party's proprietary rights. Neither Steve Baskauf nor any other copyright owner warrants that use of the Images will not infringe the rights of third parties.

Permitted Use of the Images is limited to noncommercial or educational purposes, such as multimedia presentations for a course, a web page for a course, a web page of a non-profit organization or a personal, noncommercial web site. Unless otherwise noted, users who wish to download, print, enlarge, crop, annotate or use the Images as a part of a composite in connection with a Permitted Use are welcome to do so without express permission. Any Permitted Use must, however, cite the author and source of the Images as they would material from any printed work. The citation must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices (e.g., 2002 Steve Baskauf) and, if such Permitted Use is on the Internet, a link to "". This is a license and not a transfer of title.

What this means in everyday terms:
1. You can use these images for most educational and personal purposes. 
2.  If you want to use the images commercially, contact the copyright owner.
3.  If you use these images on the web, credit the copyright owner and link to the Bioimages site  (  Example:

(c) 2002 Steve Baskauf

Fagus grandifolia (American beech) leaves and fruits