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Introduction to Biological Sciences Lab
BSCI 111b - Spring 2008

Neuron Simulation  Muscle Physiology Eye Structure and Function Fertilization/ Development Plant Reproduction Immunology Warner Parks


Allozymes Genetics Tribolium

Examination of F2 Drosophila

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Microscope Tutorial
The Honor Code and Academic Regulations:
Application of the Honor Code in BSCI 111
Excerpts from the Honor Code section of the Student Handbook
Vanderbilt University Honor System from Student Handbook (complete)
A&S Undergraduate Catalog (including Academic Regulations)

Summary of Statistical Tests Learned in BSCI 111a

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Laboratory Coordinator:
Dr. Steve Baskauf
Email: Steve.Baskauf@vanderbilt.edu
Office: SC2129
Phone: 343-4582 (email preferred and more reliable)
Office hours: Mon and Fri 9:00-10:00 AM
I am generally in the laboratory area during all of the scheduled laboratory times (every afternoon and Tue and Thu morning). During much of this time you can look me up in the lab if you need to see me. To ensure that I am there when you need to see me, email me in advance to arrange a specific time. Please do not ask me to meet with you during the last half hour before the start of a lab, or during the first half hour after the start of a lab.

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