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Embryonic Development

Revised Goosecoid homeodomain NCBI exercise

Stachel et al. (1993) article

Biological Sciences faculty with research interests in zebrafish development:
Bruce Appel
- Appel lab web page
Lilianna Solnica-Krezel
- Solnica-Krezel lab web page
    Other faculty members using zebrafish as a study organism:
    James Patton - Patton lab web page
    Joshua Gamse - Gamse lab web page

Zebrafish Information Network - Everything you could ever want to know about zebrafish:
Images of stages of zebrafish development

Stages of Embryonic Development of the Zebrafish
The Zebrafish book

The websites below have some wonderful time-lapse movies of developing embryos:

Microscope Imaging Station
(Film showing time lapse images of Zebrafish development from the single-cell stage to hatching)
(FishScope-Time-lapse and Confocal Images of Fish Development)
(Time-lapse images of developing human, pig, chicken and fish embryos)
(Embryo Images-Normal and abnormal mammalian development)