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Trees and woody plants
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Key to common trees of middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee herbaceous plants with image thumbnails:
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Non-seed plants by scientific name

Compare plant characteristics
bulletOaks (Quercus)
bulletHickories (Carya)
bulletMaples (Acer)
bulletCompare Carya fruits (hickory nuts)

Cedar glade species
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Identifying some invasive plants

Some poisonous plants of Tennessee

Species lists
bulletGreat Smoky Mts. National Park tree list
bullet Radnor Lake State Natural Area (Nashville) tree list
bulletRadnor Lake SNA herbaceous plants
bulletRadnor Lake SNA herbs by blooming date
bullet Savage Gulf State State Natural Area (TN) trees
bullet Warner Parks (Nashville) tree list
bulletWarner Parks herbaceous plants
bulletWarner Parks herbs by blooming date
bulletBeaman Park flora (preliminary)
bulletBeaman Park herbs by blooming date (preliminary)

Interactive tour of the Vanderbilt University Arboretum