The index table contains thumbnail images and information about vascular plants known to occur in Beaman Park, Davidson County, Tennessee, U.S.A (near Nashville).  The index originated from lists compiled by Metro Parks naturalists and others before the park was opened to the public.   Other species were added as observed by Steve Baskauf from 2002 to the present.   Where synonyms of scientific names occur, the nomenclature of the USDA Plants Database is followed.   The page numbers refer to Wildflowers of Tennessee by Jack B. Carman, 2001.

The numbers in the "Start Bloom" and "Stop Bloom" represent the beginning and ending dates of the blooming period for angiosperm species.  Decimal numbers represent observations made by Steve Baskauf in the Nashville, Tennessee, USA area, primarily during 2004 for herbaceous plants and 2006 for woody plants (with a few observations from earlier years).  The first digit of the blooming date represents the month and the digit after the decimal represents the week within the month.  Numbers with no decimal give only the month as listed in the literature (e.g. Gleason and Cronquist, Manual of Vascular Plants) and do not specifically represent the blooming date in middle Tennessee.  Where asterisks are present in the synonyms column, the blooming dates are taken from Wildflowers of Mammoth Cave National Park by Randy Seymour, 1997. 

The images featured here were taken at various locations, although many were photographed at Beaman Park.