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How to download the Bioimages site to your hard drive

Why do I get a warning message when I run the downloaded version?
Why does Firefox keep trying to dial my modem when I run the downloaded version?

Current version: 2006 Dember 11.  Currently the download is configured for PC users. 

Note: The compressed file containing the entire site is about 612 Mb.  Therefore downloading it is not recommended unless you have a high-speed Internet connection (cable, DSL, or direct network) because a modem download would take hours or days. 

1. Make sure that you have at least 1300 Mb of free space on your hard drive.

2. Download the compressed file (bioimages.exe) to your desktop or another location on your hard drive by clicking here.  When your web browser asks what to do with the file, select Download to hard drive. 

3. The downloaded file is an executable zip archive.  Although it doesn't contain any viruses, if you are paranoid like me you can scan it for viruses to make sure before running the program.  Double-click on the bioimages.exe file to begin the extraction process.

4. The default "unzip" location is the root directory of your hard drive (c:\).  If you prefer another location, enter it in the text box.  Then click on the Unzip button.

5. The downloaded web site does not require an Internet connection to be viewed.  You can browse it offline using your Web browser.  To load the home page, start your web browser then go to the file menu and select "Open" or "Open File".  In the text box, enter c:\bioimages\frame.htm (or browse your way to the other folder in which you unzipped the site, open the bioimages folder, and click on the frame.htm file).  Then click on OK or Open. 

6. The Bioimages home page should open.  You can browse it as you do the online version.  The offline version of Bioimages includes only the medium resolution images and thumbnails that appear on the species pages.  If you are connected to the Internet, the medium resolution images represented by thumbnails and the high resolution images will appear just as they do online.  However, if you are not connected to the Internet, links to those images will not work.  Note: when I tried browsing the site using Internet Explorer, I received a warning that it was blocking a pop-up window or file download that might not be safe. This "potentially unsafe" content is the code that reports page usage statistics to my "hit counter" service (  You can decide whether you want to allow this "blocked content" or not.

7. If you bookmark the home page, you can start browsing the site without having to go through step 5 every time.

8. Once the site is operating, you can delete the bioimages.exe file to save space on your hard drive.

Please report comments or problems with these instructions to

Unfortunately, I have now run out of CD-ROMs.  So for the immediate future, the site is only available by download.

Bioimages on CD-ROM

If you are not able to download the web site, I can send it to you on CD.  My only request is that you send me $1.00 to cover the cost of postage and the CD. 

The website can be run directly from the CD or can be copied to your hard drive and run from there.  (If you prefer to operate the site from a CD rather than keeping it on your hard drive, you can also download and unzip the site as described above.  Then burn the entire contents of the bioimages directory to the root directory of a CD.  This should result in a CD that will autoload the site from the CD when the CD is inserted.) 

You are welcome to distribute the bioimages.exe file or copies of the CD.

Steve Baskauf
Vanderbilt University 
Dept. of Biological Sciences
VU Station B 351634
Nashville, TN  37235-1634,  U.S.A.
Please also email to, since I check my postal mail very infrequently.